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Best IRA Accounts and Companies

Like 401(k)s, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) allow individuals to save for retirement in a tax-efficient way. These benefits can help your retirement savings grow, or compound, tax-free. However, IRA accounts can offer benefits that 401(k)s don’t, such as more hands-on investing with retirement funds.

Capitalize is here to help you navigate different IRA companies and discover which IRA account could be the best fit for you.

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Eliza E.
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Best IRA accounts FAQs

How do I compare IRAs?

The best IRA for your situation depends entirely on your personal financial situation. When comparing IRAs, look at each option’s short- and long-term benefits, and whether you plan to make pre- or post-tax contributions.

What types of IRA accounts are there?

Most people who open an IRA choose either a Traditional IRA or Roth IRA. However, other options, such as a Crypto IRA, also exist.

Are IRAs the best savings account?

IRAs are an excellent savings account for anyone wanting to be more hands-on with retirement investing.