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How it works

We manage your 401(k) rollover for you

We’ll guide you through 3 easy steps. Start your rollover in minutes.
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Tell us where your 401(k) is

Tell us where your 401(k) is

If you know which institution manages your existing 401(k), then tell us where it is. If you don’t know, that’s fine — just tell us the company you worked for and we’ll find your 401(k) for you! Most of the time we can do this immediately using our existing database. If not, our experts will track it down.


Pick a rollover IRA

We help transfer your 401(k) assets into a new IRA (individual retirement account). We’ll ask you a few questions so we can highlight IRA options, and we help you compare their fees, investments and other key features. Once you’ve picked an IRA, we help you open that account online. If you already have an IRA and want to use it, that’s fine too — just let us know.

Pick a rollover IRA
We get in touch with your 401(k) provider to handle the rest

We get in touch with your 401(k) provider to handle the rest

We’ll communicate with your old 401(k) provider to make sure your account is transferred correctly, and we’ll help with any of the administrative work required. We keep you updated regularly and our experts are available to chat at any time. That’s it!

Ready to move your old 401(k)?
Don’t lose track of your money. We make it easy to find and move your old 401(k) to a new account of your choice - for free.