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Accelerate your AUM growth with Capitalize

Our Embedded Rollover solution helps you dramatically grow retirement assets by funding more IRAs for your users

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Platform overview

Grow your retirement AUM by up to 5x

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Fund more IRAs through rollovers
Fund more IRAs through rollovers

Our Embedded Rollover solution drives 2-7x more funded accounts and rollover dollars than DIY solutions that rely on users to find and transfer their legacy 401(k) accounts on their own.

Increase average balances
Increase average balances

Increase the average retirement account balance by up to 50% as users choose to consolidate more — and larger — accounts with you.

Delight users with technology and a dedicated service team

75%+ of users choose to use the Capitalize rollover solution when offered, allowing them to have a high NPS experience during a critical moment of onboarding.

Implementation options

Go turnkey or build your own rollover experience

Fund more IRAs through rollovers
Basic Integration

Our turnkey solution will have your rollover service up and running in a matter of weeks. Our co-branded, ready-to-rollover solution is an easily embeddable URL that fits nicely as a CTA on your site or wherever you engage your customers.

Fund more IRAs through rollovers
API Solution

Build a white-labeled, fully native experience using Capitalize's Rollover API. Provide your customers with a frictionless rollover experience, all within your app, to seamlessly enable the transfer of retirement assets and accelerate your growth.

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