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Updated on November 20, 2023

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Our Editorial Review Team

All of our content undergoes a rigorous review process that involves checking for accuracy, comprehension, and clarity. Capitalize only partners with independent experts to review our content and confirm all information is accurate and up to date. By using independent experts, we ensure our content is unbiased and impartial because trust is the most important value to our editorial team.

Photo of Robin Hartill

Robin Hartill, CFP™

Robin Hartill is a Florida-based CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a veteran financial editor and writer. Her
work regularly appears on The Motley Fool, Yahoo! Finance, and Nerdwallet. Previously, she wrote the
syndicated Dear Penny personal finance advice column. She is a graduate of the University of Florida.

Photo of Sam Swenson

Sam Swenson, CFA, CPA, CFP™

Sam Swenson is a financial planner, New York State CPA, CFA charter holder, and freelance writer/editor. After
nearly a decade in various Wall Street roles, Sam found a niche in creating objective, accessible, and
actionable financial plans for everyday people. Sam has also published long- and short-form personal finance and
investment planning content on various websites across the internet.

Our Content Production Team

Capitalize’s team of writers and researchers have diverse skill sets and career backgrounds, but all share in common apassion for personal finance and a unique ability to break down complex retirement topics in a way that’s easy tounderstand. The process starts with identifying topics that our readers want to learn more about, researching thecurrent landscape and background of the topic, and crafting an article to communicate information in a friendly andunderstandable way.

Photo of Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav leads our mission to help people save for retirement. Before founding Capitalize, he worked for some of the best-known financial institutions, including JP Morgan, UBS, Morgan Stanley, and as an investor at well-known hedge fund Greenlight Capital. After seeing how hard it is for most people to understand their retirement accounts, he decided to build a company that makes it easier.

Photo of Jamie Cattanach

Jamie Cattanach 

Jamie Cattanach has been writing in the personal finance space for almost a decade. Her words have appeared at CNBC Make It, The Motley Fool, Yahoo! Finance, Chime, SoFi, LendingTree and many other financial outlets. Her life philosophy is to “live well, pay attention, and write it down.”

Photo of Mike Mumma

Mike Mumma

Mike is the lead researcher at Capitalize and helps drive a variety of initiatives across the strategy and operations space. Prior to joining Capitalize, Mike was a consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), where he helped clients address their long and short-term strategic priorities.

Photo of Jenn Pavlick

Jenn Pavlick

Jenn Pavlick is a writer and editor who is passionate about educating readers about finance and tech. She previously worked as a Research Editor at Goldman Sachs, where she worked on publications about investment recommendations and new trends in the European Market. Beyond that, she has written for business and consumer audiences on topics relating to accounting, savings strategies, asset allocation, and more. She holds a master’s degree from the London School of Economics.

Photo of Rob Pilkington

Rob Pilkington

Rob Pilkington is an LA-based copywriter with nearly 10 years of experience. His work has primarily been in tech & finance, spanning both B2B and B2C, including fintech/point-of-sale solutions, home services software, real estate services, finances and wealth management, car buying, and more. From email campaigns and event promotion to TV spots and fortune cookies, he’s brought a collaborative, less-is-more approach to editorial.

Photo of Stang Gappa

Stang Gappa

Stang is a marketing strategist and personal finance junkie. With experience ranging from seed-round startups to Fortune 100 companies, he’s passionate about content strategy and finding ways to communicate complex personal finance topics in a digestible format.

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