Need help finding your IRA account number?

Sometimes it can be hard to find the account number for your IRA. We've compiled the following step-by-step guides on how to find them for popular providers.

Start by choosing your provider:

Don't see your provider?

Let us know and one of our rollover experts can help you track down your account number.


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Why is my IRA account number necessary for a 401(k) rollover?

Your 401(k) provider needs this information so they know where to transfer your funds.

What if my provider is not listed here?

Let us know! Our team of rollover experts are standing by and can help you find your account number —

I followed the instructions but I still don't see my account number.

If you just opened your account, it may take up to 24 hours for your account number to appear. Sometimes your IRA provider may require you to complete an extra step or two before they officially open your account, so also check your inbox for any instructions from them. 

If you still haven’t seen it after a day or two, send us an email to

Ok I've got my account number, what's next?

Great work! Log in to Capitalize to finish your rollover.

Ready to take control of your assets?

Capitalize helps you consolidate your old 401(k)s by rolling them into an IRA of your choosing. Use an existing IRA if you have one, or we’ll help you open one if you don’t.