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Rollover Basics

Everything you need to know about 401(k) rollovers.
Don’t cash out your 401(k) without all the facts. From pros and cons to taxes and penalties, read this post for everything you need to know about withdrawing your money early.
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Lower fees, financial simplicity, and more investment options - all advantages of rolling over a 401(k) to an IRA. Keep reading to understand if a 401(k) rollover is a smart choice for you. 
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Do you want to grow your money tax-free but aren’t sure whether a 401(k) or an IRA is a better choice? Learn more to understand how you can have both ー and why you might want to.
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Is it too late to roll over your 401(k)? Read this post to find out exactly how much time you have to transfer your funds - and what can happen when you wait. 
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You’ve heard the benefits of rolling over your 401(k). But are there any drawbacks? Read this post to learn when it’s smarter to leave your 401(k) where it is. 
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Should you move your small 401(k) ー or just leave it behind when you go? From cashing out to rolling over, read this blog post to understand all your options.  
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Are you wondering if you can roll over your 401(k) to your new employer 一 and if so, should you? Don’t move your money without reading the pros and cons in this guide. 
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Do you want to move only part of your 401(k) - or perhaps move it into more than one place? Learn the ins and outs, as well as the pros and cons, of partial rollovers. 
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Recently left your job? Don’t leave your 403(b) behind without understanding your options 一 and their consequences. 
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Roth IRAs have an awesome reputation. But does it make sense to convert your 401(k) into one? Read this post to understand the benefits and the (literal) costs of doing so. 
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Do your 401(k) rollover online in just a few minutes!
We’ll help you track down your old 401(k), choose an IRA, and guide you thorough the entire process, for free!
Photo of Rahul D.
“I probably would have never done my rollovers if Capitalize didn't exist. The high-touch service and personalized guidance has been wonderful. I've never experienced that from a financial institution before. Overall, this was a stellar experience, probably one of the best I've had with any service provider ever.”
— Rahul D.
Photo of Milan M.
“I had tried to rollover my 401(k) to a Roth IRA previously but got lost in the process. I found it so confusing and wished I had a service to guide me—then I found Capitalize and it was like my prayer had been answered!”
— Milan M.
Photo of Jordan N.
“I’d tried to do a rollover on my own a couple of times and got frustrated not having my passwords and getting the run-around from my old 401(k) provider. Capitalize did it for me and eliminated all the stress. It felt like they made me thousands of dollars.”
— Jordan N.
Photo of Michael
“I have always wanted to consolidate my 401(k) accounts from past employers into a single IRA, but the requirement of contacting the previous plan administrators seemed so burdensome. Capitalize manages that process for you, guiding you every step of the way. Mission accomplished!”
— Michael
Photo of Amy B.
“I'm a pretty typical Millennial, having moved jobs every few years. By the time I turned 30, I had 4 different 401(k)s floating around. I may have never consolidated my 401(k)s without Capitalize. They made it quick, easy and super stress-free. Highly recommend!”
— Amy B.
Photo of Dmitri
“I had a 401(k) that I had forgotten about because I opened it many years ago. The excellent team at Capitalize helped me unearth the original company that had managed the fund. They provided all of the necessary connection points to make this process easy.”
— Dmitri
Photo of Lindsey S.
“I pushed off handling my IRA rollover for years because every time I tried, there were so many roadblocks and confusing steps that I would pretty quickly lose motivation. Capitalize was EXACTLY what I needed. The team was knowledgable and great to work with.”
— Lindsey S.
Photo of Eliza E.
“Capitalize was a lifesaver. I needed to update my 401(k) information in the midst of changing jobs and it felt like a to-do list item I would never get to. It was super simple to have everything planned and moved for me.”
— Eliza E.