Time for a new look

Updated on March 30, 2022

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Today, we’re excited to share a new look as we gear up to serve more customers and in new ways.

A lot has changed since we started Capitalize – for the world, and for our users in it. Nearly 47 million Americans changed jobs last year – more than any year before – upending the world of work and our benefits. New asset classes and finance apps have exploded, encouraging people to take control of their finances in new ways. Modern workers are more empowered than ever to change jobs – and explore new ways to invest.

But saving for retirement is still hard. More job changes means more 401(k)s to deal with. More things to invest in means more questions to ponder (crypto, anyone?).

More than ever, people need somebody in their corner to help them navigate their long-term finances – somebody who has their back, is warm-hearted, smart, and upbeat.

That’s what we hope our new brand reflects to our users and the world. Since launching, we’ve helped users consolidate hundreds of millions of dollars from their old 401(k)s and get their retirement savings on track. We’ve tried to do it in a way that’s empathetic, optimistic, and honest.

But we have far more to do, and our new design positions us to help our users in more ways. Ultimately we want to provide lifelong support for our customers – and we’re excited to build more tools to help ensure they’re growing, diversifying, and optimizing their retirement savings for the long-term.

Time for a new look

What won’t change, though, is our commitment to our customers and our drive to help them get to a better financial place – in an honest, transparent, and supportive way.

We thank our good friends at Red Antler who have been amazing partners as we refined our identity as a brand and brought it to life.

Onwards and upwards.

Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma

CEO & Co-Founder, Capitalize