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Save hours of your time
Save hours of your time

Our proprietary technology and experts do all the work, from finding your old 401(k)s to managing your rollover.

Easily compare
Easily compare top IRAs

Capitalize is the only place to easily compare and choose the best IRA for you based on what you care about.

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Our team has tackled thousands of rollovers just like yours so you can have confidence we’ll get it right. We know how to get your money moved safely and tax-free.

Why rolling your 401(k) into an IRA can be a smart choice

What’s an IRA, anyway?

An IRA (individual retirement account) is a tax-advantaged retirement account you can open on your own and isn't tied to your employer like a 401(k). An IRA is a great way to consolidate old 401(k) accounts for ease of management and control. Having an IRA doesn’t stop you from participating in any new or current 401(k)s you have at work, either!

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Peace of mind

Millions of 401(k)s get left behind, but an IRA is yours to keep. You can easily track and grow your retirement savings no matter where your career takes you.

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More control

Your old employer chose your old 401(k) options, but with an IRA, you’re in control. IRAs are more flexible than 401(k)s and usually have more investment options.

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Manage your fees

2 in 3 Americans don't know what fees they're paying in their 401(k). By opening your own IRA, you have greater visibility into your fees so you're not losing money from any unmonitored 401(k) accounts.

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Trustpilot Ratings5 / 5
Made the 401(k) rollover process a dream!

I dreaded having to do it because it's hassle, however Capitalize made it a simple and seamless process. I highly recommend them!.


Trustpilot Ratings5 / 5
SO dang easy!

I've been putting off my rollovers for years, but Capitalize made it SO dang easy. We did three in one quick session. Will definitely recommend it to all my friends!

Leigha B.

Trustpilot Ratings5 / 5

They help you every step of the way and even help summarize the different IRA companies to help you choose one. I didn't have to do anything other than set up the IRA accounts and conference call to transfer funds. Capitalize took care of the rest!


Trustpilot Ratings5 / 5
Fantastic service and easy to use!!

I was recently switching jobs and found Capitalize. My new 401(k) provider wanted 15 pages, but Capitalize made the 401(k) rollover SO SIMPLE. I couldn't recommend them higher. Fantastic customer support even when I didn't understand something.

Kyle C.

Trustpilot Ratings5 / 5
So easy and quick!

I had to move two 401(k)s from different banks to a third bank. Tom walked me through the whole process, stayed on the line to verify everything, and I received email updates and prompts along the way. Super easy and stress free. I’ve rolled over a previous 401k alone….I won’t be doing that ever again, ha.

Kylie D.

Trustpilot Ratings5 / 5
Archaic process made seamless!

Capitalize helped me find the best rollover IRA account for my needs and did the hard part for me by scheduling a call with my old 401K provider and arranging the check.

Adeel A.

Trustpilot Ratings5 / 5
Blown away by this experience.

I wish everything I did was as uncomplicated as Capitalize rolling over my 401k!

Shannon T.

Trustpilot Ratings5 / 5
Smooth process, helpful team.

This is one of those things I’ve put off for years and the team took care of it so quickly. Once you kick off the process the Capitalize team does the hard part, chases your money down and makes sure it’s all rolled over and accounted for. Highly recommend!

Martin D.

Trustpilot Ratings5 / 5
Great service.

My wife had an old 401k from a long-ago employer listed with her maiden name and an old address we couldn't access any more. When I found out about Capitalize, I filed the request to move the money out, and it worked right away! I was frankly kind of shocked at how smooth and easy the process was

Amos Z.

What is a rollover?
It’s the technical term for when you transfer money from a 401(k) to another retirement savings account, usually an IRA. A rollover is what most people choose to do with the money they’ve saved in their 401(k) account when leaving a job. A rollover is different from a withdrawal, which is when you pull your money out of a 401(k) and pay taxes on it. A rollover is usually tax-free, though there are exceptions if you choose to roll over a traditional 401(k) to a Roth IRA (also known as a Roth conversion).
What's the difference between a 401(k) and an IRA?

Both a 401(k) and IRA (Individual Retirement Account) are retirement accounts that help you save money in a tax-efficient way. But there are three key differences:

  1. A 401(k) is provided by an employer whereas an IRA is something that you open on your own at any time (that’s why it’s an individual retirement account).
  2. A 401(k) is generally used to make new contributions while an IRA is more often used to transfer 401(k) savings into when you leave a job.
  3. You lose the ability to contribute to an old 401(k) when you leave your job and it can sometimes be transferred without your consent by your old employer. That can never happen with an IRA since it’s fully controlled by you and in your name.
What if I have a 403(b) instead of a 401(k)?
We can help with 403(b) accounts as well! Our process is the same since they’re very similar to 401(k) accounts.
Do you help with Roth 401(k)s too?
Yes, we do. If you have a Roth 401(k) we’ll help roll it over it into a Roth IRA so that you keep the same tax benefits.
What's the difference between Traditional and Roth accounts?

The difference between Traditional and Roth accounts comes down to when you pay taxes on your money. In a Traditional account, your ongoing contributions (savings) are made before tax. For example, money going into a traditional 401(k) gets taken out of your paycheck before you pay taxes on it. That money grows over time as the investments in your 401(k) increase in value. You’ll eventually pay taxes on it when you start withdrawing it at retirement.

The opposite is true with a Roth account. Your initial contributions are made after-tax. But since you’ve paid tax up-front you don’t have to pay any tax when you start withdrawing assets at retirement.

Think of a Traditional as a tax-me-later account whereas a Roth is a tax-me-now account.

Can you roll over multiple 401(k)s?
Absolutely, and it’s often a good thing to do. One of the problems with keeping multiple 401(k)s is that you’ll have different fees and investment options in each; that can make it more difficult to keep track of your investments. Consolidating into a single IRA via a rollover can make it much easier to monitor your savings and make sure your fees and investments are appropriate.
How is Capitalize free?
If you choose to open an IRA with one of the preferred partners on our platform then we may be compensated. This helps us keep our rollover service free for almost all of our users and allows us to provide enhanced levels of rollover service for transfers into those partners. None of those providers are ever allowed to impact the content on our site. If you’ve ever used a site like Nerdwallet, Credit Karma, or Lending Tree then you’ll be familiar with this model.

We also offer Capitalize Plus, a premium, paid service for users who want even more service & benefits, or for users who want to roll over into an IRA provider that isn’t currently a Capitalize preferred partner.
We protect your data using bank-level encryption, so you can trust that your information stays safe and secure.


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