If you have an old Voya 401(k), you have a few options, but rolling your funds over into a Carbon Collective IRA is a great way to keep track of your savings and make sure you’re in control, not your former employer.

We’ve made it easy to roll over your Voya 401(k) into a Carbon Collective IRA:


Step 1

Get your Carbon Collective IRA ready

Most people who choose to do a 401(k) rollover move their funds into an IRA (or individual retirement account). IRAs give you more control over your savings and investments because they aren’t limited by the terms and fees negotiated by your employer.

We can use your existing Carbon Collective IRA if you have one, or help you open the right type of IRA with Carbon Collective depending on your 401(k) situation!


Step 2

Submit your Voya & Carbon Collective info

We just need a few details about you in order to verify your identity and authorize the transfer from Voya to Carbon Collective on your behalf.


Step 3

We’ll handle the rest

Our team of experts help ensure your Voya funds make it to Carbon Collective and are safely deposited into your IRA with no unexpected tax implications!

It's easy to get started

Get connected with a rollover expert

We’ve moved hundreds of Voya 401(k)s into a Carbon Collective IRA. Rest easy knowing you have an expert in your corner throughout the entire process.

Voya 401(k) Details

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Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm EST
P.O. Box 990063, Hartford, CT, 06199

Carbon Collective IRA Details

Carbon Collective
Carbon Collective
300 S. Pearl Expressway Suite 250, Dallas, TX, 75201