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The Pearson offers THE PEARSON RETIREMENT PLAN through Empower. Their plan covers 19,373 employees.

Updated on Feb 16, 2024

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Monday - Friday: 9am - 8pm EST, Saturday: 9am - 5:30pm ET for eligible plans only
8515 E. Orchard Road, Greenwood Village, CO, 80111
To access your The Pearson 401(k) plan online, visit the Empower website and enter your username and password, or use the forgot login feature to reset your credentials. If you don’t have login credentials, try registering as a new user.
If you have a 401(k) plan through The Pearson at Empower and no longer work there, you have a few options. You can leave it with Empower, roll it over into an individual retirement account (IRA), roll it over into a new 401(k), or withdraw the funds (may incur tax penalties).

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The Pearson offers THE PEARSON RETIREMENT PLAN through Empower. Their plan covers 19,373 employees.

The Pearson
The Pearson Group is an international media and education company founded in 1844 by Samuel Franklin Pearson, originally as a small private printing business. The company initially focused on publishing educational materials for students and teachers. In the 1920s and 1930s, the company expanded its reach to include bookselling and newsagents. By 1950, they had become a major publisher of general interest magazines and books in both the United Kingdom and Australia. With further expansion into broadcasting in the 1990s, Pearson has been able to offer a wide range of educational content across multiple platforms including television, radio and digital media services. Today, their portfolio includes some of the world's leading publishers including Penguin Random House UK; FT Group; McGraw-Hill; The Economist Group; ConnectEDU (formerly Global Education Learning Systems); Harcourt Education Services USA; Longman Publishing USA; SCORE! Educational Centers USA; EDIUSecure Inc.; Stokes Educational Research Corp.; STEMscopes powered by Rice University; Schoolnet Inc.; Thomas Learning Solutions Ltd.; SchoolMate Interactive Ltd., among others. Along with publishing their own material directly under several imprints like Prentice Hall or Addison-Wesley Professional, Pearson is one of the largest providers of educational materials on the planet today with products available worldwide in over 70 countries around the world.
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