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Humana offers HUMANA RETIREMENT SAVINGS PLAN through Charles Schwab. Their plan covers 50205 employees.

Updated on May 12, 2023

Humana 401(k) plan information

Humana’s 401(k) provider
Charles Schwab
Plan name
Phone number
Fax number
Hours of operation
Monday - Friday: 8am - 10pm ET
PO Box 388, Richfield, OH, 44286
To access your Humana 401(k) plan online, visit the Charles Schwab website and enter your username and password, or use the forgot login feature to reset your credentials. If you don’t have login credentials, try registering as a new user.
If you have a 401(k) plan through Humana at Charles Schwab and no longer work there, you have a few options. You can leave it with Charles Schwab, roll it over into an individual retirement account (IRA), roll it over into a new 401(k), or withdraw the funds (may incur tax penalties).

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Humana 401(k) plan details

Humana offers HUMANA RETIREMENT SAVINGS PLAN through Charles Schwab. Their plan covers 50205 employees.

Humana is one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States. Founded in 1961, it serves over 13 million members nationwide and offers a variety of healthcare plans to suit individual needs including Medicare, Medicaid, dental and vision coverage and more. Humana's core mission is to "help people achieve lifelong well-being and healthy habits." To support this mission, they have created a wide range of innovative products, services and technology solutions that enable both individuals and providers to manage their health with ease. The company has also developed programs to promote healthy lifestyles and preventative care such as disease management tools, wellness resources, fitness classes and nutrition counseling. With over 56 years of experience in providing quality health care services, Humana remains an industry leader for individualized care.
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