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Belk Stores Services offers BELK 401K SAVINGS PLAN through Charles Schwab. Their plan covers 34359 employees.

Updated on May 12, 2023

Belk Stores Services 401(k) plan information

Belk Stores Services’s 401(k) provider
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Monday - Friday: 8am - 10pm ET
PO Box 388, Richfield, OH, 44286
To access your Belk Stores Services 401(k) plan online, visit the Charles Schwab website and enter your username and password, or use the forgot login feature to reset your credentials. If you don’t have login credentials, try registering as a new user.
If you have a 401(k) plan through Belk Stores Services at Charles Schwab and no longer work there, you have a few options. You can leave it with Charles Schwab, roll it over into an individual retirement account (IRA), roll it over into a new 401(k), or withdraw the funds (may incur tax penalties).

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Belk Stores Services 401(k) plan details

Belk Stores Services offers BELK 401K SAVINGS PLAN through Charles Schwab. Their plan covers 34359 employees.

Belk Stores Services
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